Some Common Problems of a Divorced Men and Women Face written by Burton Malone

Published: 21st October 2010
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In every man's marital life, everyone hopes for a better and successful marriage for as all we know, marriage is not a bed of roses. In every tide's turn, a lot of different things may happen in just a click of second, so marriage life is much needed to be taken cared well.

Marriage is a partnership of a two individual and this partnership needs to be worked on from time to time and two two different personalities must be allowed to grow to have a room for improvement. Many marriages fail because of various reason but one distinct reason is that when one of the couple tried to hold his partner's life even to the point when even one's personal space is being attacked or when one demands total freedom.

No one dreams to encounter such painful experience of a divorced life but then inevitably, things do happen for some reasons and some things below are to be faced when one is divorced:

1. Psychological Problems

    During the rocky phase or after the divorced stage, one may be stressed or feel any depression regardless of the reason, and this enable the person to have the feeling of withdrawn knowing that to recover from a heartbreak is such a long way to go.

2. Economic Problems

    It cannot be denied that after divorced, there would be an economic problem one may suffer for the monthly income that was used to be shared by the couple before may now then turn different. Financial responsibilities is a huge task to handle making the wife to strive hard to work for child support.

3. Emotional Problems

    Some men and women are just contented and happy after getting a divorce but also, some women feel guilt, shame, anger and anxiety about what the future may bring in a new chosen life in which these things could alter the personality of a person.

4. Sexual Problems

    Both men and women are now being deprived of the regular sexual activity unless they remarry shortly after divorce or being engaged into a new boyfriend-girlfriend relationship. To have a choice to remarry is not an easy decision and it is a long way process for getting someone better is never like a one click of an eye, in which this situation prolongs their problems.

5. Problems of Loneliness

    Divorced men and women find loneliness whenever they get to remember the good and best times together as family especially with the laughter of their children and all of the amusing times they had. And loneliness also sets in when they can think of the relevance of companionship among couples.

Things that are mentioned above are some of the points which divorced men and women encounter. Though it could be as hurting as to imagine but the only way to improve one's life and personality is to accept things lighty and slowly and pray for someday happiness of a new life may be obtained.

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